SFS Career next>>> : This is division is basically where we render our services as recruitment’s/ placements consultants providing a platform for both the employer and the employees providing them with the best of the opportunities in respects of desired qualification and abilities of the concern Human resource. At Career Next>>> (A division of SFS) we have a defined and streamlined process to extend end-to-end recruitment solutions for the all industries. We aim to create the ideal ‘source and place’ business model that ensures the most optimum match of the employer-employee. We have a spontaneous growing bank of fresh and professional talent from all sectors that enroll themselves with us to be identified by the pool of employer associated with us and we also arrange for grooming and brush-up session for the fresher’s to get them ready to face their interviews and achieve their dreams jobs. Our services are broadly classified into HRD Consultancy, Worldwide Manpower Supply and Overseas Educational Services and specifically include

  • Overseas Recruitment.

  • Visa processing.

  • Certificate verification processing.

  • Domestic / international Air Ticket.

  • Emigration Clearance.




       Selection Procedure

  • Whatever we do is determined by our clients’ requirements. Purely based on their specifications, we source, shortlist and select the candidates

  • Once we shortlist the resumes, we send the same to the client for final approval.

  • If and where necessary, we arrange for client interviews by means of written and oral examination.

  • Once the Final Selection of candidates is completed by the client, we undertake all responsibilities for their successful deployment. This includes making arrangements for Medical fitness, Emigration clearance, Visa stamping and Airline Reservations.


      Briefing to the candidate

Selected candidates are very important to us and that’s why the nature of job, roles and responsibilities are highlighted at the time of selection as well as before their departure. Details on salary, benefits, working hours, working conditions, and the overall work environment, candidates’ rights in the country of destination are informed and briefed. And in case there is any kind of problem with the candidate they can contact with our nearest office at that place. We explain to each and every worker the laws prevailing in the particular country the worker is being deployed to. We also guide them as to how to maintain a cordial work environment at all times and explain to them how it will mutually benefit them and their employer in the long run.

      Why Career next>>>

  • It is a fast growing Placement firm and guaranteed placement till now.

  • Talented, hard working and experienced staff.

  • Availability on business hours round the year.

  • Instant responses via E-mail.

  • Easy accessibility via multiple phone lines.

  • Leading Recruiters for the State of Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and we are for other places also.




       Contact us


Inda, Rabindrapally, Ward No.-2, Kharagpur,

District- Paschim Midnapore, Pin code-721305,  

West Bengal.

E-mail - hr.careernext@sfs.net.in